Connection to 24×7 Direct Alarm System

Connection to 24×7 Direct Alarm System

BAAS team coordinates with 24×7 DCD technical team for proper and full connection of fire alarm control panel to 24×7 Direct Alarm System.

What is 24×7 Dubai Civil Defence?

Installation of 24×7 Direct Alarm System of Dubai Civil Defence in all public and private buildings and establishments in Dubai, is a mandatory requirement laid down by Law No. 24 of 2012.  In the event of fire, lift, pump or emergency breakdown, a critical alarm signal automatically directs to the command control center.  The system also receives signals if any safety system is out of order. A screen in the monitoring room coupled with individual operating workstations at Dubai Civil Defence display the building location, identified problem, details of evacuation plan, different routes to reach the affected building, contact details and nearest fire station. In addition to the building, Civil Defence also monitors their vehicles’ location to identify the nearest vehicle. Operators are then able to respond appropriately by dispatching the relevant emergency services, equipment and fire fighting vehicles.


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