Design of Fire Alarm and Firefighting System

To safeguarding people and property from fire, you must have exceptional fire protection system in proper place. We have certification to design and install Fire alarm and Firefighting systems, which have passed our Quality Control and NFPA standard. With BAAS, you will be guaranteed you have the right system at the right place.

We design and install all types of fixed fire protection systems:

• Fire alarms
• Fire extinguishers
• Fire sprinkler systems
• Foam enhanced systems
• Gas suppression systems
• Fire pumps
• Wet and dry risers


Fire Extinguisher Layout Design


Utilizing competent engineers

To achieve the full satisfaction of major establishments we are working with throughout UAE and to ensure the excellence of services and products expectation, our engineers are experienced in designing Fire alarm and Firefighting systems and trained to beyond standards and competencies. They are also educated on essential construction design and management skills. Our clients’ confidence with us is our foremost concern.
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